Invasive Tests


The complications that can arise are related to the foetus, due to bleeding of the uterine cavity, and related to the mother, due to bleeding of abdominal wall or bleeding at peridural space level. 
Withdrawal guide is required in pregnant women treated with LMWH in the case of:
  • Start of birth.
  • Programmed termination of pregnancy.
  • Intercurrent surgery or invasive procedure.

Anaesthesia General. (Caesarean - Surgery Intercurrent)
General Anaesthesia  (Caesarean – Surgery)

Anaesthesia Loco-Regional (Epidural-Intradural)
Analgesia loco-regional (Epidural-Intradural)

Ovocyte Retrieval (In Vitro fertilisation)
Ovocyte Retrieval (In Vitro Fertilisation)

Foetal TherapyFoetal Therapy

Chorion BiopsyChorion Biopsy