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Anticoagulation is becoming increasingly important in the field of obstetrics and it is permitting carrying to term and without complications any pregnancies that require it. It is a complicated issue, and no strict protocols have been established, so it is important for both doctor and patient to be perfectly familiar with the antithrombotic prophylaxis indications. Taking the latest protocols published as reference, we have developed this program, which will act as an easy guide for the doctor in order for him or her to be able to prepare a personalised report on the recommended treatment / most adequate therapeutic recommendation for each patient. Preconception advice is also addressed.Ricardo Savirón Cornudella, M.D.

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Ricardo Savirón Cornudella, M.D. (1). Cristina Lou Mercadé, M.D. (2).  Rosa Cornudella Lacasa, M.D. (2). (1)Villalba General Hospital. Madrid (Spain). (2)Lozano Blesa Hospital. Zaragoza (Spain).

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